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Cisco Webex Desk

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All-in-one-laite jokaiselle työpöydälle. 24 tuuman interaktiivisella näytöllä, joka on ihanteellinen kotiisi tai toimistoosi.


Quality audio and video

●24-inch, 1080p, anti-glare touch display

●64-degree FOV 8MP camera

●Equipped with powerful audio hardware and features that enhance the conferencing experience

●Microphone array for crystal clear, directional sound pickup

●Premium-quality sound with full-range centre speaker and bass radiators for extended low-frequency output

Enhanced meetings

●Cisco Desk has been built to deliver a Webex Optimized Experience

●Easily share content, including presentations, documents, or your desktop

●Join a meeting or make a call using the buttons on the touch display or Webex Assistant voice commands

●Change your in-meeting background with blurred and virtual background options

USB-C connection

●Functions as your primary display with a USB-C connection

●Leverage your meetings software of choice while taking advantage of high-quality conferencing hardware

●Extend the functionality of your laptop with a touchscreen that allows for PC control

Cognitive collaboration

●Webex Assistant is a voice-controlled assistant that lets you start or join your meeting, book a room, or make a call

●Facial recognition identifies meeting participants and provides name labels

●Automatic noise detection and suppression ensures the meeting is free of distracting background noise


●Co-create with a dedicated stylus that makes whiteboarding simple and clean

●Effortlessly whiteboard in person or remotely with a stylus or your finger

●Automatically save content to a Webex Messaging virtual space

●Annotate on any content in the display

Web engine

●Use digital signage to display on-demand content such as messaging, alerts, and channel browsing

●Enable additional web apps to help boost productivity

●Kiosk Mode creates a personalized experience as a front desk device

●Embedded apps enhance the meeting experience with third party solutions

Powerful video processor

●Offloads the meeting from your laptop, allowing for dedicated audio and video to provide higher-quality meetings

Flexible deployments

●Registers as a cloud or on-premises device

●Flexible deployment models allow you to decide what deployment option is best for your business

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